The Married Woman Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation

The Married Woman Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation -“Wondrous Way Of Love Beyond Gender”

The Married Woman TV Series

The Married Woman Season 1 Episode 5 we have seen that, finally Mudatsar and Pimsi got married. Altogether, Ashtha was pretending herself, that she’s normal, she’s not bisexual. At the last Ashtha realised, that Piplika is one who can, understand her, & her emotions. Then again Ashtha kissed her. To know more about the show read The Married Woman Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation. Moreover you’ll get here IMDB review of The Married Woman.

The Married Woman Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation

Ashtha is now sure about her love with Piplika. She’s sharing her feeling, when she find herself in trouble, and emotional, she closed her eyes and find Piplika’s face. Furthermore Ashtha is saying, no one loves her before like this, even her husband also included.

Piplika and Ashtha, always meet to each other, and both are accepting each other like this.

One night, Ashtha is talking in a phone call, with Piplika. Meanwhile Ashtha’s sister-in-law Babu comes there. After saw Babu there she suddenly disconnect her call, and said she was talking with her mom. But Babu redial the same number, and she find Ashtha was lying, because she was talking to Piplika.

Babu felt something awkward, and next morning she shared everything with Hemant. But Hemant laughed, and said they’re friend, and I consist Ashtha to make her friendship strong with Piplika. Because Piplika is the one who can, help me to meet with Ayub Khan.

Why Piplika Don’t Talk To Her Mom?

One day when Ashtha go to meet Piplika, she find some letter of Piplika, which has written by Piplika’s mom. Then Ashtha ask Piplika about her mom, then Piplika replied she never like to talk about her mom. When Ashtha ask her, why? Then Piplika didn’t allow her to ask the same question again.

But Ashtha quietly take, Piplika’s letter, and check the adress of her mom. Next day Ashtha and Babu goes to market, in between the shopping, Ashtha left Babu in Delhi haat, and said she’ll be come back an hour. Then she goes to meet Piplika’s mother. But Piplika’s mom didn’t respond her good.

When she arrived at her home, all family member is shouting on Ashtha. Altogether Hemant said her, that she have to break all contacts from Piplika.

And The Episode 6 Ends Here.

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