Money Heist Season 4 Ending Explanation In English & Hindi (Episode 8) You’ll Get Here An Amazing Devastating Ending In.

At the end of Money Heist Season 4 Episode 7 we have seen that Professor arranged some mans to rescue Raquel from the tent. Furthermore Professor is now playing game with the cops to taking revenge of Nairobi’s death. To know more about the show read Money Heist Season 4 Ending Explanation In English & Hindi (Episode 8).  Moreover Click here to check Money Heist Season 4 review.

“Money Heist Season 4 Ending Explanation In English & Hindi (Episode 8)”

In the first scene Alicia is accepting all things in front of press confress that she tortured Rio. Moreover she’s saying I had everyone’s approval, the National intelligence Agency, chief of Police and Ministry of the intrerior. All of them!

While everyone in Spain was glued to the TV, in a former chinese restaurant in the center of Madrid, Marseille and his team were getting ready to make a mess. They all are following professor command to redeem Raquel from the security of cops. From the Supreme court’s garage to their chinese restaurant basement, there’s exactly 11meters distance. So they are digging the tunnel. Now the security is presenting Raquel in the court, Professor already told her how to deal with the judge.

“Plan Paris” Money Heist Season 4 Ending Explanation In English & Hindi (Episode 8)

  • Plan Paris is a rescue plan in case one of them gets caught. According to this plan Raquel will said the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Raquel is doing same things in the court, she’s telling everything where they live, how often they’ve had to move , how they move. After about an hour , and a half she’ll start to tell them the plan. Plan of robbery.
  • She’ll taking time of judge because after that professor man’s get enough time to dig the tunnel.
  • The guys from Pakistan (Professor’s hacker) will switch the video signal, of the internal security’s computers, and from then on, the guards will only be watching a recording. Time is very long so judge decide to present Raquel innext day.
  • Till then professor man’s digged the tunnel. So now they’re constructing an entire fake wall.
  • In the next day when Raquel again present in court, judge is forcing her to give an early sentence and after that send her to prison.
  • When Raquel come out from the court and enter in to the garrage, Professor man’s who’s there waiting for her show them a gun, extract Raquel from the security. Then they take her from the way of tunnel. Furthermore they set the bomb, robbot bomb, on the security jeep, if they change there route, if they try to call anyone then bomb will blow. Moreover they take a fake girl dressed like a Raquel with the security.

“Alicia Doubt Convert In Truth”

  • In the next scene ‘Alicia’ is thinking about Raquel – she was going betray the professor. She was about to give up, then something happened and she deny to tell about Professor. Alicia is thinking what could happen when someone’s incommunicado? She is now suspecting on Antonanzas becasue during interogation, he’s the one who enterd there.
  • Alicia is now suspended from the case. So she’s searching the case by her own way. She visit to Antonanzas house, where she’s threatning the security to show her cctv photages.
  • Now she’s confirm about Professor and she is trying find him alone.

Why Professor Live Gandia Alive?

  • In the next scene according to Professor plan – robbers is bringing Gandia in Panic room, and all are threatning him about his wife and son. Moreover forcing him to call ‘colonel’ and said the same words what they told him.
  • Gandia call Colonel – Hello Colonel, I am in the panic room. Robber is discovering this room. I’ve eliminated Nairobi and Tokyo. So now I am going on another attack. I’ll take a radio, then I’ll give you the frequency.
  • Now Tokyo took Gandia on the ‘roof’, and Gandia is contact of Colonel, where he’s demanding a helicopter on the roof.
  • Professor bought the millitary helicopter from the black market, in which Raquel and Marseille handling the situation. Moreover they intercept the communication, when Colonel want to talk their own pilot. In the place of Gandia they send Denver win the roof with the covered face. Furthermore Raquel drop into the roof from the helicopetr and Denver & Raquel is acting like they are fighting with the robbers. To mislead the cops, and intelligence dpt this is how Raquel entered in to the bank of Spain.

“Professor Again In Risk”

When all things was going good, meanwhile Alicia reached there, from where he’s handling all the situation, then she point the gun on Professor.

And The Season 4 Ends Here.