Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega Season 1 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 10) Whopping Ruthless Crammed

At the end of Jamtara Season 1 Episode 9 we have seen that, Brajesh trapped Sunny, and then police arrested him. Furthermore Inspector Biswa is making Dolly aware, to be careful with any decision against, Brajesh. Because everyone know, he’s in power, so he can do anything. To know more about the show read Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega Season 1 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 10). Moreover Click here to check review of Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega.

Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega Season 1 Ending Story Explanation

Saurav traced a call location, and this is showing Brajesh house location. Now Saurav and Dolly is trying to go inside of his house. There they check, that Brajesh made a call center for all boys, and then they take all picture as an Evidence against Phishing scam.

In the next scene Sunny and his father took in court. But in front of judge, Sunny’s father, take all case in his head, that he killed that guy. After heard this judge decide – The boy is underage, and keep his father in police custody.

Next day Brajesh come to police station, because he know that last night police visit his house. Because Saurav forget his I.D card there. Then Dolly shout on Brajesh and said him to get out from her office. Meanwhile Sp-Dolly received a call from her senior, that she got transferred.

  • To save his father, from the jail, now Rocky and Sunny, decide to go Brajesh house. In return Brajesh is asking Sunny to bring all the money he’ve earned.
  • Sunny arranged money, he give Brajesh all money but Brajesh deamand for Sunny’s wife, and said then he’ll fix everything. Then Sunny kick him and go from there in anger.
  • In the next side, Gudiya received a call, of his Visa, but for that she need a money. Then she notice her all bank account has closed. Beacuse Sunny took all money.
  • Now Gudiya meet to Sp-Dolly, where she told everything to her, and said Brajesh is involved in all these mess. After heard this Dolly said her I can save you but if you help me.


  • Even Transferred from there, Dolly is fighting alone. Inspector Biswa and all other police employee is with Dolly. Now they’re plotting a plan against Brajesh, and collecting proof to grab him. They’re sending, Gudiya in Brajesh house, because she know he likes her, police set a camera on her bad, and said whatever you’ll do and where-ever you’ll go keep this bag with you.
  • Now she go there, where Brajesh locked her in his room. Brajesh said her to remove clothes, she’s scared. Brajesh is forcefully trying to remove her clothes. Police is seeing all this in camera’s meanwhile Police reach there and arrest him.

Gudiya take her all money from Brajesh house. Then she go to escape Sunny. Meanwhile brajesh one man shot a gun on Sunny.

And The Season 1 Ends Here.