The Married Woman Season 1 Ending Story Explanation

The Married Woman Season 1 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 10 & 11) -“Wondrous Way Of Love Beyond Gender”

The Married Woman TV Series

The Married Woman Season 1 Episode 9 we saw, that Ashtha made her mind to go with Piplika. Therefore Hemant is convincing her, but even he didn’t accepting his fault, that he never understood Ashtha’s like & dislike. Furthermore he feel pride that Ashtha, should be thankful of him, she got husband like him. How will Ashtha & Piplika’s love relation work ahead? To make your continuity in the show read The Married Woman Season 1 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 10 & 11). Moreover you’ll get here IMDB review of The Married Woman.

The Married Woman Season 1 Ending Story Explanation

Now Ashtha is making her children indepandent, if she will be go somewhere, in this situation her child will be know each and every thing, how to handle.

  • In the next scene, when Ashtha goes to meet Piplika, she find Piplika’s mom there. Where Piplika’s mom told to Ashtha, why she hate her daughter? Piplika is threatning her mom, to go from her house. But Piplika’s mom is saying, she Can’t allow Piplika, to distroy someone life. –
  • Piplika’s mom is saying to Ashtha, that Piplika is bi-sextual from her childhood, In school & college, she have many affairs with girls and boys. Furtermore, Piplika distroy everyone lifes, whoever went with her. Piplika’s mom, tells her many story how she distroy her close ones life. Piplika’s step father always helped her, he never felt awkward about Piplika, an additionally Piplika is the one reason behind her dad is on the jail. She’s selfish.

After that her mom, goes from there. Now Piplika is thinking Ashtha can change her mind, but Ashtha is saying she doesn’t care, what happened in her past, but she want to make her future good with Piplika.

When Ashtha go to home for take her bags, she met to Babbu. Where Babbu is saying to Ashtha – She don’t like Piplika, and the reason is not that she’s bi-sextual or lesbian, moreover the reason is she don’t like her intention. Because last time when Babbu saw them to kissed each other, that day Piplika called Babbu, to came in balcony, and then she intentionally kissed you, and I was looking all of you like this. Piplika was passing me smile, I don’t know what she want to proof to did all this intentionally.

Why Ashtha doesn’t want to with Piplika?

  • After heard Babbu, Ashtha’s get dumbfounded, because this is hard to believe. Now Ashtha go to meet Piplika, and ask her why she did this?
  • Piplika answer her – That Piplika want to live with her soon, and to make all this process fast, I intentionally called, Babbu, I did it all for you, once your family get aware after that we can live together. That is why I did it.
  • Ashtha is crying and saying she break her trust, and she’s feeling same as she felt with the Hemant. Ashtha’s life decison has taken by her family and her husband, and today Piplika did same thing with her.

Then Ashtha deny to go Paris with Piplika. Piplika is crying and feeling sorry, and saying her intent was never be wrong. But Ashtha ignored her, and goes from there.

At the end of story we heard Hemant voice, where he’s saying to Ashtha, to give him, his shirt. That mean Ashtha is now living her life as before.

And Season 1 Ends Here.

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