Special Ops 1.5 Episode 1 Story Explanation In English The Himmat Story

Special Ops 1.5 Episode 1 Story Explanation In English “The Himmat Story” –

Special Ops TV Series

Click on the link and get here Special Ops Season 1 Ending Story. In this Article You’ll get Special Ops 1.5 Episode 1 Story Explanation In English The Himmat Story. After the 2001 Parliament attack, a young and idealistic RAW officer had a theory. And This is the story of Himmat Singh. Moreover click here to check Special Ops review.

  • In the begining of the Episode we see Mr.Abbas(Delhi Police), and he’s invited by Mr.Banarjee, and Mr.Chadda in RAW office. Mr.Banarjee and Mr.Chadda wants to ask some few question about Himmat Singh from Abbas. They’re saying further – this is a profiling procedure, not an investigations. Himmat Singh is retiring next year So they wants to know more about Himmat Singh’s career. Because Abbas know Himmat since his rookie days, therefore they’re asking from Abbas.
  • Meanwhile Abbas received a call from Himmat Singh and he says – don’t disclose too much about my story. Abbas answer – Yes sir!
  • Now Abbas is telling Himmat Singh’s story – 15th December 2001, Abbas Singh was preparing his all team to grab Ikhlaq Khan. Meanwhile Abbas senior officer, deny him to do work with Himmat Singh. Because Abbas had allowed his all police force to help Himmat Singh. Therefore they refused Abbas to work with Him.
  • Still Abbas was working for Himmat Singh, and 15dec 2001, Himmat and Abaas had, have their a special mission. They was searching Ikhlaq Khan, Himmat finally found Ikhlaq but he smartly escaped from there.

22 december 2001 – Officer set an enquiry against Abbas Singh Because he disrespect his senior after helped Himmat. Then they gave suspend letter to Abbas.

The Himmat Story

When Himmat got aware, Abbas had suspended, he went his office, and there he met his senior and convinced him – “I am responsible for all, because I broke protocol, and I sincerely apologised. But I have a small request, Don’t take any action against Abbas Sheikh. Because he was only following my orders“. Then Himmat gave his resign letter.

Now scene shift in Present –

  • Mr.Banarjee is asking – After quit his job, what Himmat did ahead? Then Abbas reply- Himmat sir went completely off the grid. there was no news of him. But sometime in 2003, once he was watching Kashmir news, and he saw Himmat there. Meanwhile two agent from RAW, came there, and asked to Abbas where is Himmat? But he really didn’t know where was Himmat.
  • Mr.Banarjee and Chadda asks him further – Why RAW agent was trying to find Himmat?

Then Abbas start to tells Himmat next story –

In Colombo –Here we see a guy and his name is Vinayak Shukla, and he is the officer of Bharat high commission counselor. He’s married and his family lived in Delhi. Once when he went for coffee, someone added poision, in his cup. Then next day he found in a hospital, where a girl named Karishma is taking care of him. Moreover Karishma tells him- that he got suffered from stomach infection. Vinayak recovered from his inujry but he fallen love with Karishma. Once they were together, and Vinayak was fully drunk, then Karishma found some file from Vinayak office and captured some picture. In which India’s some lead information had hide. When Vinayak, saw Karishma was betraying him, he broke, and finished himself.

Abbas is telling to Mr.Banarjee – Vinayak’s complete story is link with the Himmat. And he agains tells flashback story further –

S Special Ops 1.5 Episode 1 Story Explanation In English The Himmat Story

  • RAW again wants to join Himmat , so Himmat had joined his office. Now officer Vijay is Sharing some serious issue with HimmatSatyajit Ghosh, Bashir Ahemed, and Vinayak Shukla, these three guy has died, and they had, have India’s secret information. Now Vijay was showing Maninder Singh’s image to Himmat, and saying Maninder was RAW’s agent, but suddenly he disappeared from RAW. May be he connected from these three people death.
  • Himmat said to Vijay that he know about Maninder, he was a dangerous RAW agent. Because Himmat already worked with him. But now he don’t know where is he?

Next day Himmat invited in Vijay’s house, and he met to Anita there.

And The Episode 1 Ends Here.

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