Money Heist Season 4 Episode 7 Explanation In English & Hindi"

So Here You’ll find Emerging, Fearless Terror Of Robbers In Money Heist Season 4 Episode 7 Explanation In English & Hindi

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At the end of Money Heist Season 4 Episode 6 we have seen that Gandia fired a gun on Nairobi’s head. Furthermore Arturo call outside the police no one is not in the hall this is right time to attack on robbers. This worst time of robber, how will they handle all the situation? To know more about the show read Money Heist Season 4 Episode 7 Explanation In English & Hindi.  Moreover Click here to check Money Heist Season 4 review.

“Money Heist Season 4 Episode 7 Explanation In English & Hindi”

  • In the first scene Nairobi has covered in white. Helsinki, Rio, and Monica stay with Nairobi. Moreover Palermo, Bogota and Denver is finding the Panic room where ‘Gandia’ hide. Palermo find the Panic room, he saw the bloodprint of Gandia in the floor.
  • Palermo calls Professor – We found the panic room sir. But Gandia locked himself inside because he wounded. Then Palermo gives him news of Nairobi, Gandia executed her.
  • Professor stopped his walk and get socked to hear Nairobi’s news and crying. Now Professor forget all pain and taking an action, ordering to set the war and launch a barrage of missiles.

“Antonanzas” call professor and tells him they’re planning a massacre, they’re going to storm the bank. They’re trying to contact Ganida so they can coordinate an attack. When Antonanzas disconnect his call then professor tells to robbers.

  • Professor set his first Missiles – he allow four officer of goevrnor to take respectfully Nairobi out of the bank for fuenral. All public, cops, force are watching the scenerio, and this was the difficult time for all robbers, because they lose their loves one Nairobi.
  • Professor launched his second missiles – He coverd Madrid with posters of Rio’s face. Then sent a description of everything that was done to him to the national and international press. Now Rio is looking live in everywhere, and telling the story what he’ve suffered in the cell.

“Professor Create A Trouble”

  • International and National press collect to take an interview of ‘Prieto’. Where all press reporter is asking him many question about Rio. Prieto is denying and lieing. Moreover professor set an arragement and send one more video on everyones mobile phone. In which one man of Prieto who tortured Rio with Alicia, are accepting how they tortured Rio.
  • Colonel is talking to Alicia – Professor was waiting for us with the evidence in his hands. Now the only way out is by taking the blame.
  • Then Alicia is asking – Who’s going to do that?
  • Colonel reply to Alicia – Prieto from the CNI or from the police ‘you’. Then ‘Colonel Tanayo’ is convincing Alicia to take all blame on your head.

How Will Professor Help Raquel?

  • In the next scene Professor arranged some mans and making a plan to rescue Raquel from the tent.
  • Now Professor comes live and sending a message – Our colleague “Lisbon”(Raquel) has been illegally detained,. She’s been kidnapped and is being held at the police command post outside the Bank Of Spain without illegally informing any judge.
  • Now two officers comes inside the tent and take Raquel with them.

Now Bogota is trying to break the door throw the welding. Finally they broke the door, and reach inside the room where Gandia is sleeping unconsciously. Because of the professor order he said to get alive ‘Gandia’ according to his plan.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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