“Sardar Udham Singh” Movie Of 2021 With Review & Story Explanation –

Sardar Udham Singh is a historical drama based Movie on Sardar Udham Singh (Vicky Kaushal). So It’s based on real biopic story. Consequentally Udham Singh a revolutionary freedom fighter from Punjab who survived the Jallianwala Bagh massacre (1919). In this article you can get Sardar Udham Singh Movie Of 2021 With Review & Story Explanation.

In the starting of the movie we see Udham Singh to get out of jail after four years. 4years back Udham Singh found to fought with some indians at a bar. Because they was following britishers dictator. Udham Singh’s name used to be Shersingh earlier. SherSingh shares a good bond & friendship with Bhagat Singh. Moreover they both was together fighting against britishers. Therefore Bhagat and SherSingh made a party named HSRA(Hindustan Socialist Republicon Assosiation). But After 4years when SherSingh get out of jail Bhagat Singh was hanged by the britishers. So HSRA parties some member has martyred in freedom fighting wars and some is behind the bars.

1931 – Udham friend comes to meet him, and he provide Visa & Passport of London to him. But Britishers is keeping eyes on Udham’s every activity. Because he was a freedom fighters. Therefore somehow he manage to go from there.

Udham Singh is now searching Michael O’Dwyer in London to take revenge for 1919 Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Amritsar. Because Michael O’Dwyer is a real evil of Jallianwala Bagh massacre. But after many try he unable to find Michael O’lawyer. At every six month he shifted in new city Altogether he used his new name in every passport. To survive in London some time he works as a sales man, sometime as a house keeper and etc. In spite of all this he is still in mission and trying to find Michael O’Dwyer.

“Sardar Udham Singh”

One fine day Udham meets to “Eleen”, she fights for eqauality, and she know Bhagat Singh very well. Therefore she get ready to make Udham her friend. After that Udham,buy some illegal weapons from IRA. Then he reached to Russia, but he didn’t find some productive there. So he again decide to go London.

This time Udham’s known one provide him Michael’s address. Now he started to following him, and keeping eyes on Michael Dwyer’s every activity. One day Udham meets to Michael, and asks him for job. Then Michael, provide a house servant job to him. Here Udham find that Michael, hates indians, and he is not guilty what he did with indians at Jallianwala Bagh. Therefore Udham decide to leave his house.

31st July 1940 – Udham joins a confrence of Michael, he hides the gun in between the books. While end of the confrence Udham shooted Michael in public. Later he arrested by the Cops. After tolerate many torture of cops, & court, he even didn’t disclose anything. Udham Started hunger strike at jail, but forcefully cops, and doctor breaks his hunger strike.

  • But now Udham’s news was seen in the top of the news. That is exactly Udham wants, he want to make an aware the people what is britishers is doing in india.
  • Udham’s lawyer comes to meet him, and started to ask him – He wasn’t present in massacre of Amritsar then why he killed Michael?

Sardar Udham Singh Movie Of 2021 With Review & Story Explanation

  • Finally Udham open his mouth, how he become a freedom fighter and what is the main reason behind this? – When he was young he have a girlfriend and her name was Shreya. At the time of Jallianwala massacre Shreya was there. There was more then 20,000 protestor, and they were protesting peacefully. But Michael O’Dwyer’s gaves an order of firing there, and many indians kids, olds, youngs all innocents dead body was lying down there. After this incident Udham decide to take revenge from Michael.

After that Udham was hanged, and at that time he kept Bhagat Singh photos in his hand.

And The Great Biopic Of Sardar Udham Singh Movie Ends Here.

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