Maharani Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation

“Maharani” Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation – “Wicked Spotlight”

Maharani TV Series

 Maharani Season 1 Episode 2 we saw, CM Bheema want,  that he’ll decide the next candidate of CM. Moreover you can find here another movies review. Check here Maharani Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation.

At CM house, eight MLA is voting for Gaurishankar, 52 MLA is voting for, Bheema, and 57 MLA is from Naveen side. So Naveen is now looking happy because he’s thinking that he’ll be the next CM. Meanwhile Gauri-Shankar take a shocking decison he’s saying according to party constitution, he’s giving his 8 MLA vote to Bheema.

GauriShankar is thinking, Bheema will be choose, next CM to him, but Bheema is supporting his wife Rani. So he decide the next CM of the Bihar, is Rani.

  • Rani is Illiterate, and all minister is congratulating her. Now she’s taking oath for CM post, but she’s repeating the exact, letter which has written by assistent. So all minister there is making fun of her.
  • Next day Kaveri is inviting RANI for CM meeting in parliament. But she’s denying to go with her, Because She loose her confidence, and she can’t make her fun anymore.

But finally Assistent Mishra convinced her, and she go to ready in parliament. Now all minister is welcoming her, But she’s looking nervous. After that Mishra support her, and giving statement in media CM handled her first meeting very well.

In the next side Naveen joined the other party of “Bihar Tarkeshwar”, due to this, “Rashtriya Janit Party” faced many probleam.

Maharani Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation

  • Next day Rani again deny to go to attend the next party in parliament. So Mishra is now scolding her, and saying – Bheema’s condition is not well, he escaped from death, because only for “Bihar Public”. Moreover he was fighting for Poor and backward people, for equalities in society. Bheema take decison to make you CM, in return you’re the one who can fulfill Bheema’s dream.
  • Now Bheema is too suporting her – that power and my life is in your hand, if you want to save the party then I’ll alive, for forever. After that, Rani get motivated

Therefore Rani is first time going in parliament by her own choice. She meet to, DGP officer, and warning him, to find her husband killer as soon as possible.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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